Trade Finance Application Portal

Trade Finance Application Portal

Trade Finance Application Portal

Trade Finance Application Portal

Simpler Multi-Bank Trade Financing at Your Fingertips

Trade Finance Application Portal, a one-stop multi-bank portal, is the solution for businesses dealing with challenges of trade finance applications. It simplifies handling of multiple financial institutions and the tedious process of repeated trade finance applications.

Introducing the Trade Finance Application Portal

It is the first unified multi-bank portal in Singapore to aggregate products from various trade finance banks. With a standard application form across multiple banks, the portal removes the tedium of navigating through a myriad of different sites, layouts and jargons which often leads to confusion, delays, or worse, trade finance applications facing rejection due to human errors.

Available on the Networked Trade Platform (NTP), the Trade Finance Application Portal is connected to NTP's secure repository, where all your trade-related applications and documents, such as Shipping Documents, Commercial Invoices, and Bills of Lading, can be safely stored and transferred to the trade finance banks.

Enjoy a new trade financing experience:

Data reusability
saves you time when making repeat applications, whether to one bank or across multiple banks.
Direct delivery
of trade finance applications to banks via NTP's secured repository.
One-stop portal
provides end-to-end visibility of all your bank applications.
Zero Subscription fees
and no hidden costs.

Easy access to a wide range of solutions for your trade finance needs

Letter of Credit
  • Letter of Credit (LC) Issuance
  • Standby Letter of Credit
  • LC Advising
Import Services
  • Import Pre-shipment Financing
  • Import Post-shipment Financing
  • Import Bill Collection
  • Import Bill under LC
  • Import Loan/Trust Receipt
  • Shipping Guarantee
Export Services
  • Export Pre-shipment Financing
  • Export Post-shipment Financing
  • Export Letter of Credit Negotiation
  • Export Bill Collection
  • Export Bill under LC
Other Trade Products
  • Receivables Financing
  • Banker's Guarantee

One-Stop Portal, Multiple Benefits

Higher Productivity Levels

Breeze through application forms by reusing data from past trade finance applications and auto-populating over 20% repeated fields.

More Clarity, Less Confusion

Consolidate trade finance applications in one portal to reduce the risk of confusion and human error from managing multiple portals, reducing the rejection rates for trade finance applications.

Easier Reporting & Analysis

Retrieve all your trade finance application data from one portal instead of managing multiple sources for easier and more accurate reporting and analysis that aids better decision-making.

Greater Speed & Efficiency

Straight-through processing lets you enjoy faster and more efficient trade finance applications to multiple banks.

Secured platform that you can trust

Adhering to the Monetary Authority of Singapore's Technology Risk Management guidelines, the trade finance application portal follows the best practices for financial institutions and ensures data confidentiality, integrity and system security. So you can be assured that your data is protected while using the platform.